Here’s Why People Love Vientos

We’ve been serving delicious Mexican food in the same neighborhood for more than 20 years

” My favorites are the Chile Verde, Pollo sandwich and chorizo. Their beans and rice are delicious and taste just like my moms! “

Christina from Elk Grove

” We have been going to this restaurant since it opened back in 1995. Consistently good food, with some unique flavor-twists to the standard Mexican food genre, give Vientos its own signature dishes. Love the salsas, the Albondigas, and the Chile Relleno with Salsa roja. This is good stuff, and we will continue to come back! ”

George from Sacramento

” Every meal begins with chips and two salsas. Chips are fresh and the two salsas consist of a traditional (cold) and a unique warm type that is simply incredible. Balanced and packed with flavor. I go through several bowls every meal. “ Brian from Sacramento

” Great Mexican Food! I had a craving for good authentic Mexican Food and Viento’s hit the spot! The service was excellent and everyone in my party really enjoyed their food. We’ll be back for sure! ”

Amanda from Sacramento

” This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Sacramento. It is totally worth the drive considering its not very close to my house. They always have fresh great food, good prices, good staff. “ Jenn from Sacramento

” Fantastic local Mexican food! Every time I come back home, this is the first place I have to stop. Great waiting staff and the food is authentic and unique. Tons of great dishes. I highly recommend the Carne Asada, Grande Burritos, and Steak Estilo. ”

Jace from Durham, NC